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Information Evolution is not currently accepting new development work. We do continue to sell and support the Canada Post Shipping module. Please contact us for information.

Thank You to Our Clients

We want to express our thanks to all the clients who have provided us with such interesting development challenges over the past six years.

Looking to improve your MIVA MerchantTM store?

Off the shelf products to add features to your store

Visit www.MvCentral.com to search for "modules", programs that you can plug into your Miva MerchantTM store, allowing you, for instance, to:

  • change the layout of your product pages
  • let your customers keep a wish list of items they want to buy
  • specify more complex shipping options

Want some help or advice?

Miva MerchantTM users and developers actively share information. If you know where to look, you can profit from the experience of others. Developers have posted advice on their sites and they swap information with store owners through the user groups. If you have run into a problem or want to know "how do you...?" you might find the answer for free with just a little searching or a well placed question.

For good information, visit:

Search for advice through the user groups at:

Ask for advice by signing up for the user groups at:

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